Fall 2016

“Lights in the Night Sky” by Dustin Dehne

“I Just Want My Mom Back” by Angalee Bertrand

“Hallucinogenic Love” by Michael Adams

“Semper Fidelis” by Christopher Williams

“The Sense of Me” by Sarah Sullivan

“Taste” by Danielle Lambert

“Empire City” by Ashley LaClair

“The Story of ‘Le Petit Blanc'” by Ali Kahil

“Lonely Knowing” by Meaghan Hayman 

“Healing” by Laura Hamel

“Finite Strings of Energy” by Juna Grier

“An Attempted Explanation” by Courtney Gage

“His Life through My Eyes” by Phoebe Fries

“dreaming.” by Thomas Dunn

“Scenes from a Moving Vehicle: Five Tanka” by Thomas Dunn

Fall 2015

“Shake the Rust” by Adam Schultz

“The Game of Life” by Adam Crane

“The Power of a Plastic Card” by Ali Kahil

“Summer” by Kaleb Yaeger

“In the Dark Velvet Night” by Caleigh Wesmer

“Aqua Vitae: A Practical Recipe” by Bryan Hall

“Applying Bishop’s ‘One Art'” by Bryan Hall

“The Woman in the Wall” by Kayla Grose

“Six Days in a Bird Cage” by Thomas Dunn

“Five Twitter Poems” by Thomas Dunn

“Out of Cliches” by Sarah Carlisle

Winter 2015:

“Tree Houses and Vomit-Covered Walls” by Aubrie Smith

“The Spangled Pearl White Shoes” by Meiling I

“A Lesson on Privilege” by Tiffany Sember

“Vintage” by Benjamin Champagne

“The Call of the Void” by Kayla Grose

“Carjacking in Foreign Films” by Benjamin Champagne

“A Glorified Thief” by Morgan Troxell

“In the Lecture Hall” by Hayley Durham

“A List of To-Not-Dos” by Kayla Grose

“Thousand Empty Windows” by Hayley Durham

“The People I Have Hurt” by Keygan Galloner

Fall 2014:

“Envelopes” by Jack Rechsteiner

“Ramblin’ On” by Kayla Shifter

“Tougher Than Titanium” by Katelyn Treichel

“Curtains” by Dominic Arthur

“In the Founder’s Hall” by Bryan Haiser

“The Panther in My Living Room” by Hayley Durham

“Puncture” by Joshua Tithof

“Death Square” by Paul Maxwell

Winter 2014:

“Pinched” by Will O. Wall

“You Gonna Eat That?” by Cody Kizis

“Another Bar Band” by Cameron Rohlof

“The Girl with a T-Scar” by C’Priana Martinez

“Oh Shit, Another Damn Stop Sign” by Danielle Zuzula

Fall 2013:

“The Odds at Hand” by Shannon Stevens

“Odd Future in a Bar-Sized Room” by Quin Hoffman

“Kind of Blue” by Thomas Dunn II

“Into the Blue” by Bryan Powell

“Three for Lunch” by Brandy Moore

“The Promised Land” by Jordan Weigl

“Mass Sculpting” by Evan Zeitler

“Sticks and Stones” by Mandy Whyte

“Storage Space” by Mandy Whyte

“The Flood” by Kassie Hill

“Home” by Sara Reimann

Winter 2013:

“The Big Embrace” by Janine Davenport

“My First Love” by Anthony Countegan

“Deficient” by Tyler DuRussel

“Love Poem #3” by Thomas Dunn

“A Night In” by Douglas Campbell

“Just a Couple of Words” by Patrick Shaw

“Secrets” by Melissa Demott

“King Salmon” by Amanda Hite