Dominic Arthur finds inspiration in alternative rock and listening to people’s life experiences. He even sometimes pulls from his own life experiences. Writing has always been something he’s enjoyed as he used to write storylines for his professional wrestling figures when he was a kid. There’s never a day that goes by where he’s not conjuring up something in his head. This often leads to a lot of restless nights as he doesn’t know how or when to turn “it” off. He hasn’t found his knack yet, but this may be one of them.

Piece: Curtains

Benjamin Champagne has earned an AGS from Delta. He is from Saginaw, Michigan.



Pieces: Vintage, Carjacking in Foreign FIlms

Keygan Galloner dual-enrolls at Delta and attends Bay City Central High School. She would like to go into Pre-PA at Central Michigan University, and even though she plans to major in biology, she loves to write in her spare time. Keygan has always loved the arts; she is involved in theater, choir, painting, writing, and many more things at BCC and around the community.

Piece: The People I Have Hurt

Kayla Grose is from Freeland, Michigan. She enjoys volunteering, wandering around aimlessly, and befriending human beings (when they don’t bite). Her favorite question: Where do you think your life began? Most of the things she writes are happy accidents. She graduated from Delta and will be continuing her studies at the University of Michigan.

Pieces: The Call of the Void, A List of To-Not-Dos.

Meiling I was born in Taiwan. She was an experienced journalist working in newspaper, magazine, and broadcast companies. After she got married, she moved with her husband to the United States and started a new life. After being a stay-home mom for several years, she decided to pursue her new career. She is now back in school becoming a student again and enjoying her college life.

Piece: The Spangled Pearl White Shoes

Tiffany Sember is from Birch Run, Michigan. She is a freshmen at Delta College and is studying to become a registered nurse. She absolutely enjoys helping others every day as a home health aide and has dreams of becoming a doctor in the future. She spends most of her time outdoors and loves to travel anywhere she can when given the opportunity. Her personal essay “A Lesson on Privilege” was written based on her first flight to Florida as a child.

Piece: A Lesson on Privilege

Aubrie Smith is a freshman at Delta. Born and raised in Essexville, Michigan, she has high hopes of seeking somewhere warm after graduation. Her essay “Tree Houses and Vomit Covered Walls” is her first published piece. Aubrie enjoys the fine arts and has an extensive background in theatre and vocal performances. In addition to music, in her spare time she likes to bake and binge watch TV shows.

Piece: Tree Houses and Vomit-Covered Walls

Morgan Troxell is from Saginaw and is going to school to become an English professor. Her favorite books include Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and This Side of Paradise. She loves to bake, dance in parking lots, and take long walks on the beach. Her poem “A Glorified Thief” was written after her iPhone was stolen.

Piece: A Glorified Thief