Love Poem #3

I used to hear an orchestra
when I heard your name.
A smooth vibrato of climaxing violins,
the soft but lovely tremolo from the violas
with the cello’s bellowing bowed brilliance
shining like diamonds in the moonlight.

A collection of the finest musicians
played out your name as if
it was the most wonderful combination
of melody and harmonies
in front of a sold out crowd
heard by the public for the first time.
The lights dimmed –
my eyes fought the dark to catch glimpses
of the music as it took our souls
and lifted us above everything
to a place we only dreamt.

The darkness moved to corners of the room.
We jumped up to applaud, not just with hands
but with hearts and souls behind the thunderous roars.
The greatest symphony written and it was your name.

Yes – I used to hear an orchestra
when I heard your name.
Now all I can listen to is a bowed screech
from the cello,
a misplaced finger,
and unseasoned hand holding the bow
too close to the bridge.

Thomas Dunn

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