The People I Have Hurt

That boy I stole crayons from in the first grade,
That girl I told I didn’t like her dress,
The women I cut in front of at Forever 21,
That girl on my swim team when I hit her on accident,
The stranger I cut off driving down Park Avenue,
That man I puked on in the airplane to Atlanta,
The boy who was in love with me in eighth grade,
The girl at Meijer who went to grab the scarf I bought,
My neighbor when I left my dogs shit in his yard,
My coach when I refused to swim,
My dance teacher when I wouldn’t point my toes,
My 7-year-old cousin when I told him he smelled bad,
My great aunt when I rolled my eyes at her prayer,
My grandma when I wouldn’t play cards,
My brother when I called him a jerk,
My sister when I told her she looked fat,
My aunt when I called her ugly,
My grandpa back in 2000 when I wouldn’t help with the garden,
My mom when I called her a freak at church this morning,
My dog when I tell her to shut up,

~Keygan Galloner