The Winter 2014 Pioneer Post is now available! This exciting issue features writing from Cody Kizis; Cameron Rohlof; Will O. Wall; C’Priana Martinez; and Danielle Zuzula.

The Post gives special thanks to Delta’s WRIT Center consultants Michael Giering and Shirley Reid for their editorial assistance.

The Pioneer Post is the outlet for current Delta College students to share their polished fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and other media projects with the community and world at large. Our header image shows the interior of a colonial trading post in Noblesville, Indiana. The builder, William Connor, had close ties with Native American tribes of the Midwest, including those from Saginaw Bay. A trading post represents lively communication and exchange—a riot of vibrant goods! We hope that as you encounter the words, sounds, and images published here, you will have the same feeling.  

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis: send e-mail to pioneerpost.deltacollege@gmail.com. Prior to acceptance, the editorial board reserves the right to request additional revision. Authors with work appearing on Pioneer Post retain all rights to the work after initial publication. Contact Lauren Smith (laurensmith3@delta.edu) for more information.

Thank you for reading!

Editor-in-chief: Lauren Smith. Managing Editors: Michael Somers and Mark Brown.